In loving memory of Dr. Ing. Sergio Sartorelli (1928-2009).
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Welcome to my Ford OSI 20m TS homepage. This page is about the OSI 20m TS with everything related with it and is specially dedicated to Dr. Ing. Sergio Sartorelli, the OSI 20m TS designer.

I would like to thank dozens of readers from around the world who write me in a regular basis with informations of another found OSI or simply another press article about Officine Stampaggi Industriali. The German and French friends are specially active. I also would like to welcome any reader to mail me with his questions - no mail will be unanswered. And please sign my Guestbook and visit the Forum.

There are cars in the OSI Registry section. Thank you all for helping.

Special thanks to Oliver and Thomas for their constant support.


Travis Escalante - USA - EX54HB02678

Travis just bought a new one, his second OSI along with EX54FB01048.
He still has not the car with him, I'll update this entry as soon as he gives some more details. This one has the Jaeger instruments instead of Veglia Borletti.

Germany - EX54FA01126

Another OSI on German eBay. This was sent by Oliver.

The car looks complete.

Check while it's active.

Germany - EX54HB02512

This one was for sale in German eBay last January with a 350 € starting price.

The front was from EX54GD01548. I wonder if this car still lives. Thank you for sending this one, Thomas.

Chris - Germany - EX54FR01305

This one is for sale on German eBay.

Chris bought the car 25 years ago, but now it must go. Check


Gerd Bauer - Germany - EX54GD01441

Oliver sent me some information about this car. It was at some time dark green and had had air vents in the fenders like the prototype.
It was probably fully restored and looks really great.

Pirelli Cinturato Tyres - Longstone Tyres

Last week my Pirelli Cinturato arrived from United Kingdom. Finally my car will be on wheels after so long. Check My OSI section.

I bought them on Longstone Classic Tyres from UK and the guys were so helpful that I must share everything with you. They've got this great site packed with information and facts that all the classic car lovers must see.


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Feb 12, 2010 - Included Sylvie Vartan OSI accident in Miscelaneous. Scanned OSI parts catalogue.

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